Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed in 2020! Wishing You a Delicious Day

Posted by Jill Bosich on

    There's just something completely special about this day where we collectively and in our own way, all celebrate with one heart, centered around a table full of the flavors and tastes that cause us all to pause and take stock of just how blessed we are. Despite a very tough year for all, we are blessed to be yet again to be celebrating another Thanksgiving day!

      For me, Thanksgiving is and has always been my absolute favorite holiday. Not because I'm a chef so much, it's because it's one day where everyone is so passionate about the day and all that goes into it, and then after all that work, just relaxing, enjoying the company and giving thanks for the goodness in our lives. It's just so wonderful. Thanksgiving is rooted in so much tradition for so many! From the foods and flavors we enjoy year after year, to hearing a football game on in the background, and possibly enjoying a potent potable on such a special day.

      So in honor of this day of deliciousness, here's some interesting trivia you just might have not known!

      • The first Thanksgiving feast actually lasted three full days with about 50 European settlers and roughly 90 Native Americans in attendance.
      • It wasn’t until 1863 with President Lincoln proclaiming a day of Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November that it became an annual holiday.
      • Turkey babies are called pults or turkeylings
      • and finally, the state of Minnesota is hailed with the largest amount of turkey production in the USA! How about that? Thank you Minnesota!

      So this is wishing you and yours, a very delicious, blessed, and memorable Thanksgiving 2020. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love, support, and friendship you send me daily through my social media, website, and in person.

      Happy Thanksgiving y'all!



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