Shipping Policy: Cowgirl Cookie Co.


At The Range Rider and Cowgirl Cookie Co., we use the United States Postal Service (USPS) and UPS to ensure your order arrives in a timely fashion. Shipping rates are determined at checkout. Should you wish to use Priority Mail Express service, click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page and we'll get you a quote.


Orders must be in by 10:00am PST to meet our production schedule and business hour deadlines on those days. If an order is sent after that cutoff time, it will be processed the next day and then sent out via the assigned method of shipping and within our production time frame, roughly 32 business hours from the time of order receipt. This allows us to bake and pack your goodies in time for shipment time deadlines here in California. This policy stands for both levels of shipping service.


We apologize sincerely but we aren't able to offer international shipping at this time.


Orders placed on Saturdays or Sunday will be processed for immediate shipment on the next business day, holidays excluded and then sent via your selected method of preferred shipment. 


We are always open to accept orders. We operate traditional business hours and observe all major holidays. 


  • Priority Mail service estimates 1-3 business days for delivery and comes with delivery confirmation. Expect longer with Covid delays.
  • Priority Mail Express service is guaranteed to arrive in 1-2 days from the time the parcel is shipped from our kitchens.


It is our main goal to get your order to you as quickly as possible so to that end, all orders will be baked and shipped within 32 business hours (that’s roughly 4 working days) of receipt or before.  There are days and times we are baking around the clock to fulfill an order so know that beyond anything, it will ship no more than 32 business hours from when it was placed. 


Lastly, should you have multiple items shipping to multiple destinations, shipping and handling will be charged for each delivery address designated.  Please contact us to inquire about approaching an order with multiple destinations.  Click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page and we'll get you a quote.


Your order will be processed for immediate shipment within 32 business hours of receipt. Please note that when it comes to your cookies, they are only baked once we have your order.  This degree of freshness and commitment to quality just is our way of making sure you really love your cookies! 


Most orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS) or UPS. Deliveries are Monday through Saturday. Our packages are sent either Ground, Priority Mail or Express depending on the type of shipping you choose.


Yes, the USPS delivers on Saturdays (residential and some commercial) but not on Sundays with Priority Mail Service.  So if cookies are shipped on a Thursday, they typically will arrive on a Monday with the Priority Mail purchase simply because they do not deliver on Sundays… Sorry ‘bout that.  We can’t promise though if you do order on a Thursday that they will arrive that quick every time.  All orders, once paid and received will be shipped within 32 business hours, that’s technically 4 working days or less.  So keep that in mind when planning your purchases and estimated date of arrivals.


Yes, we do…  Please be sure the address is exactly as it is supposed to be as we can’t be responsible for incorrect or misplaced letters or symbols.  Get it right and we’ll get it right to you.  Keep in mind however that many times, some of these locations are not ideal for the receipt of perishable goods.  So perhaps we can recommend another trusted address where you can have someone accept the order on your behalf.  We simply suggest this as with most post office boxes, or APO address situations, our parcels might sit outside or in extreme weather situations that would truly be harsh on the beauties packed inside.  We do this in the name of getting everything to you in the best possible condition and try to avoid boxes where they might not be handled with great care.


All orders will electronically receive an email shipment confirmation along with delivery confirmation tracking information us as soon as your order has been baked, packed, and shipped. This feature is great for those giving gifts to know exactly when and at what time your package was delivered to its rightful owner.


Within your shipment confirmation email, you will receive a delivery confirmation number dedicated specifically to your order.  These numbers are updated on a nightly basis and you can track the status of your package at to get regular updates on its delivery status.


Yes, we do ship goodies during the warm weather months… But there are a few guidelines to consider.  Because many of our products are made with really good chocolate, it can get a little melty during warm weather months.  This can typically start as early as May and lead well into October depending on delivery location. To this end, we recommend that upon receipt of your Cowgirl Cookie Co. cookies, that you simply place the tin (unopened) into the refrigerator for a couple hours to allow the chocolate to firm up and be less fragile.  This is usually the best practice and customers tell us it works just perfectly.


Unfortunately, we are not responsible for packages that are lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. Where we understand this is frustrating and unfortunate, we advise you to contact the carrier for resolution. Stolen parcels are a real problem and we recommend using a delivery address with a degree of security that ensures you'll receive the parcels you've ordered. Thank you kindly.


We want your complete satisfaction on every order. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, please message us.  Please include your order number, name, phone number, and a description of the concern.  You will be contacted within 24 business hours to remedy the situation!  We may replace the product, process a refund, or issue a credit – depending on the individual circumstances and at the good discretion of the company.

On another note, we are aware that there will be times when we will mess up.  In those instances, we will honor your good business and remedy the situation.

However, there might be occasion where we cannot take responsibility for delayed deliveries due heavy shipping schedules, incomplete delivery information, incorrect delivery information or any unfortunate or unforeseen Acts of God.  We need to know specifics like apartment numbers, department numbers, mail locations, and so on when asked on the order page.

Please understand if it’s fixable, we’ll fix it.  We promise.