By the Pound (not the dozen)

For those of you wondering just how many cookies are in a tin of Cowgirl Cookie Co. cookies here’s a basic guide. We don’t sell by size, we sell by weight. You get what you pay for here so here’s the Cowgirl skinny.

½ POUND TIN: Holds roughly 8-11 cookies (great to order if you want to try more than one cookie flavor)

1 POUND TIN: Holds (depending on the cookie) between 14-16.

2 POUND TIN: Holds roughly 20-24 or so, sometimes more, depending on how fat we scoop them that day, so this will determine how many we can manage to fit.

4 POUND TIN: Holds roughly 45-50 cookies, and you guessed it, depending on the particular flavor.

So don’t hold us to the count, it’s the weight you’ll get and that’s all that matters. Oh and lastly, just so you know, we only sell our cookies in tightly sealed old-fashioned style cookie tins. Why? It’s the only way to keep them fresh as fresh can be, unless of course, you baked them yourself and if you did that, you certainly wouldn’t be callin’ on the Cowgirls. So keep those lids on tight. Much like you’d hold on to the reins when ridin’ on the range – both are just a must for a great experience. So here you have it, we hope it helps you in figuring out just how many cookies you should order. Remember this rule too – most people can’t just eat one!