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Telephone: (208) 536-3404‬

Benefit from Chef Jill's personality, professional culinary expertise, and love for the farm, ranch, and agricultural life and industry!

As a "micro-influencer" Chef Jill collaborates to share through stories and images what it takes to put food on our tables and keep our bellies full. She partners with like-minded individuals, organizations, and companies to support and grow brands and business.

If you'd like to work together to demonstrate, cook, promote, or present, please reach out below.

For those seeking professional culinary services such as teaching, training, and consulting, Jill has been working with young people (and not so young people) to bring out their personal best, increase productivity, cook deliciously and train for optimal results for well over 20+ years. She's a public speaker and has presented at numerous conferences and conventions nation-wide, working with numerous individuals, teams and groups to winning success!

Opportunities for collaboration are limitless both here, in person and within her social media channels. Reach out to start your journey with her together! Simply fill out this form and she will be in touch direct. You can also reach her via phone at the number here:

Telephone: (208) 536-3404‬