Stagecoach Sweets™ Posse | Subscription Box

In the American old West, stagecoaches were used for passengers, packages and post all while traveling through treacherous terrain and inclement weather to make their deliveries in good time.  At the Cowgirl Cookie Co., we thought fit to aptly name our Signature Club Program after a nostalgic notion getting to you, every once and a while, a package of our sweet goodies as a member of our Posse.
Join the Posse: As a member of Posse, you’ll be a part of a program that offers a great opportunity to enjoy a variety of goodies from the Cowgirls, well beyond what you see on our main website.  When you become part of the Posse, you’ll have access to many features we’ll offer just for those who are members.

Member Benefits: Monthly members will receive a 20% off promotional code for all website orders (product only) outside of all Stagecoach Sweets™ offerings. Bi-monthly members will receive a 15% off promotional code for all website orders (product only) outside of all Stagecoach Sweets™ offerings. Quarterly members will receive a 10% off promotional code for all website order (product only) outside of all Stagecoach Sweets™ offerings.

Convenience: Leave the order processing to us.  As part of the Posse, we reckon there’s a lot more going on in your day than needing to jump online to remember to get your goodies from us on a regular basis. So we’ll just remove that step and with your shipment, email an invoice for your record keeping. And if it’s a gift, we’ll send you the invoice and the one receiving your gift; will just get the shipment as you had planned.

Library Cookies & Reserved Recipes: The Cowgirls will choose some of our best recipes to send along and we truly mean it.  We’ve reserved special Library recipes for our Posse exclusively, products that just won’t be available through our website, or be a preview of what’s to come online for those who aren’t a part of this special program.  

In some instances, many of these special Posse offerings won’t ever be offered online due to the expense of ingredients or the amount of labor it takes to produce them, so outside of receiving them through this program, we generally won’t sell them at large.

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