Super Cooper | The Unicorn

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that one day I'd have my own quarter horse. I wasn't one of those kids who was lucky enough to grow up on a ranch but at the tender age of 7, my parents took our family on our first horseback riding vacation and it forever changed the trajectory of my life.

Professionally, I chose to become a chef. Deep down though, I always wanted to be a cowgirl and always had a connection to all things western. After years of working long hard hours in the "business' and after giving up many nights, weekends, and holidays, I finally have my ranchy unicorn. So here's the "fast facts" on this handsome boy.

Nicknames: Coop, Super Cooper {The Ranchy, Sporty, Quarter Motor}

Places I've Lived: Arkansas and California

Current Residence: Temecula, CA.

Height: 15.2

Weight: 1250 lbs

Color: I'm a blood bay and have serious dapples going from Spring to Summer.

Eyes: Chocolate brown.

Hobbies: Walking, trotting, loping, hustling, turning barrels, roping calves, sorting cows, tipping lawn chairs over (they look better laying down on the ground), hanging out with my pals at pasture, grazing, eating Super Cooper SportsBites™ when I earn them after hustling or working. I just love typical equine things and running coyotes off when they try to spook us. 

Favorite Color: Leather, black, silver, chrome.

Favorite foods are: I’m on a strict diet to maintain my figure but seriously love when I get my Super Cooper SportsBites™ made by my cowgirl chef and mom. I love alfalfa, Bermuda is ok but it's what I go for when I feel like snacking.  I'm not picky and will try just about anything once.

My favorite Movie/s: Silverado, All the Pretty Horses, and True Grit (the original).

My favorite place to hangout: I love the shelter in the pasture and try to secure it first before the other horses. It gives me a view of the entire ranch as well as keeping an eye on the local coyotes that prowl at night.

My favorite evening thing to do: Dinner when the sun goes down. Sometimes going to cattle sortings and jackpots can be a good time.

My favorite thing to do on a Sunday: Rest and be lazy.

Celebrity I have been mistaken for: Some people have mentioned I look a lot like some of the horses they've seen in "The Man from Snowy River". Those wild horses have manes and tails like mine.

The best time of my life: Moving to California. It's warm, the horses are friendly, and my cowgirl chef mom loves me. I'd have to say right now is pretty wonderful.

My worst habit: I try to be pretty good but love knocking over things like grooming tools when I can reach them. She leaves them close sometimes and that's quite a game we play.

Biggest influence to me: My cowgirl chef mom. I just love her. She really loves on me and takes great care.

If I had to do it all over again: I wouldn’t change a thing. I would like to go on more trail rides though. There's something about exploring new country that I simply enjoy.

If I could change one thing about myself: I’d be a bit calmer when I see other horses running close towards me. It makes me nervous but I'm learning to stay calm. It's hard to break old habits sometimes. I'm trying.

If I've learned one thing in life, it's: Always be ready to leave for a ride at a moment's notice.  You’ll often find me at the gate waiting anyway. I know if I have a great ride, I always get my Super Cooper SportsBites™.

Words that describe me to a T: Funny, personable, sweet, strong, and fast.

Favorite Place to Visit: I’m happy to go anywhere. Load me up in the trailer and let's go!