Fans of the Cowgirl Cookie Co.

Here at the Cowgirl Cookie Co., we’ve got the greatest customers ever and for them and their appreciation of what we do, we are sincerely grateful. We consistently receive such wonderful feedback and feel it needs to be shared!

"These were the perfect gift.  The cookies had a nice crunch and tons of chocolate chips!" – Elizabeth, Easton, PA

“I just need to rave about these wonderful cookies, the Cowgirl Chips that showed up at my door this afternoon. They're chewy and moist, full of chocolate chips and ingredients I can't put my finger on, and just downright fantastic. I didn't realize when I first offered them to my boss/co-worker that the cookies were "unshareable". Next time I'm getting two tins.”  – Lisa, Napa, CA

"The order did in fact arrive perfectly intact and I have been since dividing the cookies among my family (who love them!), and hoarding the rest for myself. They were delicious! Thank you so much!" – Alyson, Waltham, MA

"I have been a fan of her cookies for AGES - they are seriously the BEST choccie chip cookie I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying - HANDS DOWN.  As soon as the baby comes I'll be ordering another tin. YUM!  Jill makes amazing cookies" – Chris, La Porte, TX

“The cookies arrived in perfect condition and they are amazing!!! The hubby LOVED them, so I did well with his anniversary present.  Thank you so very, very much for getting them to me before you left. They are a hit! Are you planning to make any other cookie formulations? Please let me know if you do, because I will definitely be ordering more in the future!!” – Kristin, San Jose, CA

“I got my Cowgirl Chip Cookies yesterday and I would like to say YUMMY!!  My husband and I loved them.  As others have posted, the texture really makes these cookies unique.  They are both crunchy and chewy: the outside has a slight crunch to them, but the inside is moist and chewy with a good amount of chocolate chips.  I haven't tasted a chocolate chip cookie (or other type for that matter) like it.  For those of you have tried the Toll House and Mrs. Fields' franchises, Jill’s cookies are quite distinct from them.  Those are overly chippy and sometimes doughy.  Cowgirl Chip Cookies are a great balance of chocolate chips and properly baked cookie. – Michelle, Staten Island, NY

“They've arrived!!!!! And they were delicious...notice they *were*...they're all gone. LOL!!! The girls saw the box and asked what was in it...when I opened it they dove in so did I and the darling hubby!  Thank you again...looooved the cookies and the very sweet sentiment!!!!  – Jamie, Rentz, GA

“I received the wonderful cookies this afternoon.  They're chewy and moist, full of chocolate chips!!! I already had 3 of them.  My husband loved them too! They're just that good.  I would definitely have to order more in the future! Thank you so much.”  – Kumiko, Renton, WA

“Jill, the more I think about it, the more I'm in love with your cookies. I kid you not I ate the crumbs when nobody was looking.  I have a feeling you will have more success than you planned soon enough! Roll over Mrs. Fields - the Cowgirl is taking over!”  - Susan, Washington, D.C.

“Jill, they are absolutely delicious. I am hiding them or even going to share so I won't eat every last one of them.  Thank you so much. There is nothing like wonderful cookies on a rainy day.” – Mollie, OK

“Just recently returned from a trip to Spain to find your delicious cookies at home. They are simply delicious, the perfect cookies! I'm back to order one more tin please!  Love your cookies and keep up the amazing customer service and sinfully delicious cookies!” – Glenda, Dallas, TX

“My cookies came in today! I must say they are quite yummy. The texture is very nice - they are soft, but have a good chew to them. And they are not so overloaded with chocolate – you actually get to taste the cookie!  I've had two today, and am going to try to stop eating until tomorrow!  Thanks again!” – Mary, Carlsbad, CA

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that all of the cookies have arrived!! Thank you for making them! My Dad ADORES them! I couldn't resist and gave them to him early. He has already been dropping hints about me making your cookies and annual event!” – Kathryn, Orlando, FL

“I have had those cookies a few times and let me tell you - FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!! So excited that her business is open!” – Kristy, New Orleans, LA

“Oh my gosh they're delicious!!!!!! I hate it though because I came home late from work and have to fast overnight but I had to take a little nibble from a broken piece and they're seriously amazing.  And the tin was too cute! You do have a gift. Thanks a lot! I just found my perfect cookie.” – Vicky, Daley City, CA

“Do you want the best cookies ever.... My luncheon was a complete success as the Molasses Flats Cookies made a big hit for dessert.  The cookies were baked perfectly and the taste just yummy!!!  These are the most delicious cookies that have hit the market since my Mother's homemade cookies.  Everyone needs to take the taste test and I am sure you will agree with me that the Cowgirl Cookies are a must for every party and family event.   Can't wait to have another one....Oh Yum!” - Norma Jean, Orange, CA

“I am a long time fan, and so is my daughter, of Nancy’s Molasses cookies.  They are to die for. My mouth waters thinking of them.   None I have ever tasted compare to hers…..the flavor and texture are what make the difference!  They are moist and scrumptious to perfection.  We not only order them for Christmas but throughout the year for special family events and holidays”.  - Launa, Orange, CA

“I am a huge fan of Molasses Flats cookies; they more than satisfy that craving.  They are moist, tasty, and have me wanting more!  The Cowgirl Chip are also fabulous!!"  - Liz, Irvine, CA

"Hi you cowgirls!  Just wanted to update you a little bit.  The cookies came yesterday (Monday) and we tasted the Molasses cookie.  I can't believe how well they travel for one thing, secondly, the tins etc. are adorable, and thirdly which really be first - Delicious!!!!!  My friend received her shipment yesterday as well and was she ever excited!  She called and wanted to talk to Sir Winston only about the cookies and of course to tell him "Thank you"!  I'm telling you, - I think you'll be going BIG TIME on this venture!  Best of luck!  We'll order additional in a week or so after my friend has her surgery and will be back home to recuperate.  Thanks for thinking up such a neat venture!  You cowgirls are awesome!  Love you both!" – Donna, Elgin, ND

"All I can say IS WOWWWWWWWW.  The cookies are TERRIFIC.  I knew they would be knowing YOU JILL.  The post man dropped them off this morning.  I've eaten 6 of them.  Different varieties.  Maybe the Molasses Flats maybe my favorite.  Haven't made up my mind yet.  Anyway MERRY CHRISTMAS." – Jamie, New Orleans, LA

"Hi, I know this is rather a late date to say "Thank You", however, I wanted to let you know that the cookies that came to our address were awesome!  AND, not a cookie crumbled on the way to our metropolis.  What bakers!  What packers!  AND, the big buckle on the cake tin is totally beautiful! You are doing something spectacular ... if folks can get so excited about the packaging, AND enjoying the contents as well.  Thanks again, for a job well done." -  Donna, Elgin, ND

"Jill, Cookies arrived today! They are almost gone so clearly you have a great product. I look forward to having you send several orders and hope my becoming a continuous customer will help your wonderful business." – Steve, San Diego, CA

"Oh my goodness!! The aroma when I opened the Molasses Flats has already made them my favorite.  Thanks for the extra cookies too, I've been sharing with the office and they are a big hit!" – Tracy, St. Augustine, FL

"The peanut butter were excellent… The molasses were fabulous! Thanks and best wishes." – Marty, Crooked River Ranch, OR

"We received them yesterday, and you would have thought it was Christmas all over again.  My husband Ed, was so excited he couldn't wait to open them and eat away! We've tried all the cookies and bars so far and we absolutely love them.  We are trying to behave ourselves and will be sharing the bundt cake with some friends next week so, it is in the freezer until then.  Thank you so much for the quick shipping!  And way to go gals! You gotta good thing goin' on!"  - Jill, Huber City, UT

"The cookies were amazing!  I loved the chocolate chip/walnut cookies.  My husband and I definitely are guilty of a little indulgence this weekend, nothing a few trips to the gym won't take care of!  Take care!" - Sara, Sacramento, CA

"Here's your Oinkle AKA the Cookie Monster............. TWO containers and both YUMMY, Yup, he's going to share! :-}  Thank you so much and then some........... Love you dearly..... XXXOOO Mama." – Launa, Orange, CA

"The best thing that I have done is to sign up to be a member of the posse.  I am now guaranteed to get 2 pounds of these delicious cookies every month.  My favorite, so far has been Sassy\'s Spuds, but I have enjoyed all of them.  And I do not even have to choose which cookie I want, Jill makes that decision for me!  I totally recommend that everyone joins the posse! Give yourself a treat each surely deserve it!!!!!!!" – Patti, Huntington, NY

"I got my package this weekend.........and boy do you make some mean cookies!  I'm having a hard time keeping everyone else out of them! I have shared some.....but they were my mother's day present, darn it!  Thanks again for being so wonderful and such wonderful Chefs!  P.S....cookies are all gone and I think about how much I miss them; especially the Nutty Cowgirl cookies!  Thanks also to my darling daughter, Ashley, for being so darn smart and discovering all you Cowgirls!"  – Sandy, Columbia, MO

"OMG....I LOVE them all!  Such delicate flavors with a perfect balance of sweet and salt and the texture of each different type is so wonderful and delicious!  I am very excited by this line and hope you will do it again in the future.  These are truly original and unique cookies!  *huggles cookie tins*  Thank you!!" – Megan, Denver, CO

"Dear Jill, First of all I wanted to thank you for the personal delivery on the cookies. They were outstanding!!  So delicious, tender and flaky.  You have a good thing going! Keep it up.  I will be ordering more to send out to friends soon.  All the best to you and your mom." – Zov, Tustin, CA

"Hi Jill, I received my cookies today.  Yay! They are really the best cookies! I'm so glad I ordered the Sweet Cowgirl Kisses. I don't like PB that's why I'm not too sure about it. But they look so cute in the website so I decided to give it a try. It’s not too salty like what I always get from any PB flavored food. It’s divine!  It’s a perfect size too. I wish they will be part of the regular line-up. Next time I will have to try the Molasses Flats and Snicker Bobs.  BTW, thank you for making a special naked cowgirl cookie (with walnuts) for me. It’s perfect!  Have a great weekend!"  - Yolanda, Los Angeles, CA

"Oh my God. I am totally in heaven.  Bad news, my husband was with me when I got home to open them. He had to know what was in the package.  Again, oh my God. They are so frigin' good. I'd guess I've eaten 8 or so since they arrived. I feel like I'm going to puke but it is totally worth it. Both him and I agree that the naked cowgirls are the best cookie we've ever enjoyed. They are SO incredible... please please tell me that you will make these beyond Valentine's day? Please? Can I special order them?"

"I am so upset I didn't order any of the Fuzztails because those are the best PB Cookies I've ever had. They were gone instantly. Thank you so much for including them. Well- I'm sad I tried them, but I'm happy too. Bittersweet feelings.  Thank you, thank you! I knew they would be good but damn!" – Whit, South Elgin, IL