Let's Make Tamales this Christmas!

Posted by Jill Bosich on

I’m drinking my Sunday morning coffee and thinking about how the holiday season will be here before we know it, and for me that means getting a date on my calendar to go into tamale 🫔 production mode!
Y’all, it’s such a labor of love. I do it because my family loves them and it without question, is the number one thing that makes me feel closest to my late Nana who made these every Christmas when I was a child. ⁣
New Mexico-style red chili pork tamales. They are truly little heavenly parcels of deliciousness. I make them how she showed me, it’s a little untraditional to how others make theirs, but they are as good as it gets. Fluffy, super-seasoned, tender and full of that robust chili flavor that only comes from preparing it from the heart! ⁣
I’ll do my best to photograph and document making them this season, but for now, I need to get that production date on the calendar. ⁣
And btw, they freeze beautifully so making a batch ahead of the busy holidays is the ticket. Have you ever tried to make your own?

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