Bratwurst! It’s Oktoberfest y’all!

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This years Oktoberfest started in Germany on 9/16/23 and runs through 10/3/23! I first traveled to Germany in 1984 and never in my life had I tasted so much delicious sausage. It was EVERYWHERE! It was the Christmas season and bratwurst stands were plentiful as we were browsing the Christmas Markets decked out in holiday decor, and bundled up shoppers bustling about with their hands full of packages.⁣

I remember the bratwurst stands had the most delicious crusty rolls. They would split them down the center and steam would rise as they cradled the browned seasoned sausage in the middle, presented with a proper side of German mustard. Holy smokes we couldn’t get enough!

Later, as a chef, to discover how to make fresh sausage, to understand the ratios of lean meat to fat to make them so juicy was so cool! To prepare them, stuff the casings and then cook them just right to yield that ubiquitous “snap” we love in a great sausage was also super cool.⁣ Back when I was just a kid, I knew it was amazing, but little did I know, how technical it was to make well.

So grab some brats this time of year and griddle/grill them up! A nice crusty roll with a dollop of mustard and a pint and you’ll be celebrating Oktoberfest too. Delicious! Eat something good today y’all 🤠

(Pictured: a batch of brats that I made needing to be twisted into links!)

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