Skillet Burgers with Caramelized Onions

Posted by Jill Bosich on

Need a dinner idea? EASY. Homemade skillet burgers with caramelized onions are making the menu on this range tonight! I’m seasoning with McCormick spice Montreal Steak Seasoning to give it an even better real restaurant, steakhouse taste.

The onions are incredible. Brown them in a cast iron skillet if you have one with a hearty pat of butter, along with a splash of olive oil. (The olive oil keeps the butter from burning but the butter gives the delicious flavor!! REMEMBER THAT) Brown them to your liking in the pan, and as they are picking up color, hit them with a splash of water, wine, beer, stock, or whatever flavorful liquid you have! Season with salt and pepper, then remove from your skillet! ⁣

Add the burgers, cook them and flip to your liking! About 4-7 minutes per side! Do you think you can replicate? Comment below any questions and I’ll dial you in!

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  • Jill, those burgers and onions look delicious!I did not know about adding olive oil to butter to keep the butter from burning! You are making me an incredible home chef! My family thanks you!

    Lesley Butler on

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