Good Gravy with a Reversed Roux!

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OK! So this is a little non-conventional, and a lot of my professional chef friends would probably question my methodology, but I am also going to push forward in sharing with you my technique, because it works every time and results in a silky, velvety and ridiculously delicious sauce that I hesitate to call gravy, because it truly is a refined tasting sauce!

Pour your drippings (strain out any solids from roasting pan) into a saucepan that will accommodate the volume that you have, it should be no more than 3/4 of the way full. Make sure your temperature is medium high and you are at a gentle simmer.

Keep in mind at this point the fat will be floating on top!

This is where it gets controversial!

I take a very fine sieve (pictured) full of all-purpose flour and I delicately sift it over the top of the simmering drippings, while I am simultaneously whisking, so that the flour will not clump up!

I call it a reverse roux!

Sift a little, then whisk it in, sift a little, then whisk it in. Repeat this process until you start to see the sauce coming together as the flour will adhere to the fat in the drippings and start to create your beautiful gravy.

I continue to dust flour on top of the drippings, whisking constantly, and only adding the flour as I am seeing the fat that is floating on top start to disappear. You will hit a point at which you will start to see it streaking on the top of the sauce as it is thickening, and you know you are close to being done.

Continue to dust in the flour until all of that fat is fully incorporated and you are at the thickness of the sauce that you like. I like to have it where it just lightly coats a spoon but you are free to add as much flour as you like, some people like it a little thicker.

From there, I season the gravy/sauce with Lawry's seasoning salt and ground black pepper. I am very generous with the seasoning salt to the point where it tastes so savory and very delicious.

Cook the sauce only to the point where the thickness is where you like it, the flour-y taste cooks out pretty quickly, and the sauce is done virtually before your eyes.

It will be very shiny!

I hope this explanation is clear and I wish you a delicious Thanksgiving dinner! 🍽️

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  • What a fabulous idea!!!! I will DEFINITELY be trying this!!!

    Nancy - Chefchk on

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