Spring is Full of Hope

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Sometimes it’s easy to lose hope, but I’ve learned you can also live on hope too. Here’s a little reminder of the hope and beauty of Spring at this very challenging time in our country and around the world. I can't tell you how much I love the thought of things this time of year presents. Nature always moves forward. No matter the horrible challenges we may face. The thought of warm sunshine, cool brisk air, tall grasses, baby calves, little foals, it’s all on the horizon. Let's not forget the beauty of what's to come in the days just ahead.

I took this photograph as we were riding along looking for cows. No surprise, that's mostly why we ever go horseback when riding the range. The homestead ahead is barely still standing and each year I have the chance to ride by, it seems to show a little more decay. But the ground around it is always so pretty, especially early Spring when the grasses are starting to grow taller and taller. It was so calm and still. Pio and I just walking along on a nice loose rein. His ears forward, he spotted some cows ahead, way before I ever did. Amazing what horses will tell you if you just watch their ears alone. I love this range. Xo 😘

Happy April 1st y'all. Thank you for spending time on my page and sharing the love for all things culinary and Western. You're invited too to join my NEW Facebook Group called "The Watering Hole". We share recipes, food, farms, ranches, animals and more. We Hope to see you there!

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