Lions, bears, coyotes oh my!

Posted by Jill Bosich on

This is "the spot". The one spot on this side of the ranch where you might get lucky to get a little cell service. So I threw on my tennis shoes and walked there from the cow camp in the late afternoon one day this last June. I got lucky, and made a few important calls.

And then I start hearing sounds. I look in all directions, starting to freak myself out lol... And I'm starting to realize, I'm a sitting duck lol. Then nightmare scenarios start swirling through my head... I'm gonna get eaten by a bear, a mountain lion, surrounded by a pack of wild coyotes lol... Needless to say, I seriously trotted back to camp and smiled once I could see the cabin and had the comfort of knowing someone would hear my screams lol... hahahaha!

So I brought my buddy Hooky the next time I needed to get some service. Such a gentleman. I loaded up and away we rode from camp, just he and me. Now normally all his saddle buddies are already grazing on dinner at this hour. But Hooky was happy to be right with me. We trotted to "the spot". I jumped off and he was happy to graze while I made a few calls out. When the sun was getting too low, I told him it was time to load up, he stood patiently still and then we rode off and back to camp. Love quiet and peaceful moments like this with a great horse who's easy going, respectful, and up for an adventure. Glad I lived both times 🙂

I love this range. Xo 😘

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