Lost and found

Posted by Jill Bosich on

I simply can't get enough of days like these. It might seem monotonous to just walk slowly, slowly, slowly behind a bunch of bovines, moving them to their next rendezvous point, but it's so seriously a moment-by-moment treasure adventure.

As I'm riding along, my eyes seem to be in so many spots at one time. I love browsing the ground as we mosey ahead. Wild flowers, unique rocks, and rocks that make you jump off your horse and check them out to see if it's anything super cool or even rare.

Truth be told I'm really looking for an arrowhead; and I've yet to find one... I have found however, jackets, ball caps, cameras, lighters, spurs, bottles, glasses, fossils, cow skulls, horse skulls, cowboy hats, saddle sacks, gum packs, tire tracks, animal scat, and broken reins. It's a treasure hunt on every ride. I love this range. Xo 😘

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