Ranch Pup 101: How to Start Working Livestock!

Posted by Jill Bosich on

Well this cutie patootie, my rescue pup from the local shelter enjoyed her first day ever doing what she was born to do! It was such a ball to be a part of and see if this kid has the drive to want to work livestock!

Locally where I live, there’s not many places to get such live action training! So we drove an hour south towards San Diego to Action K9 Sports to undergo an instinct test.

Well little miss Sadie made this mama proud! She had those sheep circling and me running my tail off trying to stay out of the way! Dust was flying, she’s no longer this white lol, and she definitely has the drive to want to work! After a few go rounds, she got a little spicy and started nipping heels and sorted off a couple sheep 🐑 away from the herd, a little confused where to take them lol, but overall, I couldn’t be more proud of her!

When it was time to leave, she was so happy she jumped into the tailgate of another truck lol (not mine) as we were walking out to leave, just totally jacked up with excitement!

Can’t wait to work with her to get her more polished!

Tonight she’s wiped out! Totally wrecked tired lol… and I love it 👏🏻

Go Sadie 💕

(PS: no video yet! I’ll get it next time! I had my hands full trying to follow instructions lol) 😝

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