Pick up Your Peaches Pio

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Look at Pio, one of my favorite roping ponies hustling to get caught up lol... Look at his mane tossing in the wind. He’s such a good boy. I really heart him big.

Well as many of you know, when you’re out day working it’s not often that you can find some “facilities” when nature calls. I found myself in one of those predicaments.

We were riding out quite a long distance from our cow camp and still had a ways to go. So I “pulled over” and loosely wrapped my split reins around the branch of a sturdy old juniper bush. I silently said a quiet prayer that Pio would stay good and calm while his equine buddies rode off into the distance and I had my chinks and jeans at my ankles lol... I was so happy, that boy stood so quiet! I talked to him and he was watching me the whole time lol... I figured privacy from a horse didn’t matter, but I needed to keep an eye on him and on the road in the event anyone came driving through. I hustled to get my drawers back on while praying he’d be a complete gentleman and not run off and leave me horseless and half undressed lol... Oh the joys.

My boy Pio was perfect. And quiet and patient. That’s hard for a horse when his buddies have ridden off! So I buckled my chinks, sorted my reins and jumped back on board without even a flinch of a movement from him. Pio’s seen a side of me most haven’t lol... 🤠

This picture was us hustling back lol... It was him actually putting the move on. He knew he needed to take care of me but when it was time to go find the crew, off we went with huge forward purpose. I was more than ok with that!

Such good times, a seriously great horse, and I love this range. Xo

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