A FAKE You'll Fall For!

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Y'all, I'm going to share with you something that once it crosses your lips, your taste buds will be in joyful appreciation. Now, a modern version of this recipe has been adapted to use a branded line of popular crackers (Ritz), but the origins of this war-time recipe hail back to the days of sea-faring vessels where it's given credit for this unique invention. Behold, the Mock Apple Pie! Yes, you read that right! Fake can be fabulous.

It's history! Recipes for this dessert are said to be in existence from as early as 1812. It's said the British Royal Navy prepared something similar aboard their oceanic vessels where relying upon ingredients which were shelf-stable was paramount. And yes, it's made with crackers, not apples! And it's fully delicious! Trust me when I say, it's a delightful dessert that you'll have to convince yourself that there's not real apples insight once tasted! You'll stare at your fork in amazement on the second bite, wondering how it tastes like apples but there's not an apple to be found. Such culinary whimsy!

Other accounts suggest that this recipe was reborn in the 1930's during World War II when fresh apples were prohibitively expensive and in short supply. Sounds familiar to the shortages we're experiencing now on our own supermarket shelves with foods flying out of stores in this recent global pandemic.

So here's the recipe for your preparation consideration. You will be pleasantly surprised by how tasty it truly is. It's sweet, cinnamon-y, and full of rich buttery flavor. This version below was developed by the folks at Ritz but any similar cracker will work! You can even top it with a streusel crust if not wanting a pastry crust top!

Try it, it's wonderful and a throwback recipe worth giving a shot! Post your pictures on my Facebook page or here below! I want to see your work! Let me know how it turns out in the comments below! Xo Jill

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  • I made this way back in the time machine, it does taste like Apple pie,thanks for the memories and recipe

    Lynda Cain on

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