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You know how much I appreciate all things farming, ranching, agricultural and the like. To merge those worlds with all things culinary and cooking is even better. As of yesterday, I have the coolest podcast to share with you! If you aren't following it yet, hopefully you will after listening to our episode! 
The Range Rider Jill Bosich

I recently had the chance to connect and be interviewed for an episode on the Shark Farmer Podcast hosted by Rob Sharkey!

Rob and and his wife Emily were such fun and gracious hosts! We covered so much including becoming a professional chef, to working on the US Culinary Olympic Team, applying for the 2022 Rose Parade (Pasadena, CA), to working on various cattle ranches and more! The Shark Farmer podcast is everything agriculture covering issues and challenges experienced by those working in farming, ranching and agriculture at large. It's provocative, asks real-world questions with real people working to put food on our tables and keep our bellies full! It's real-time information by people literally working in the field!

Meet Rob! Rob Sharkey, also known as The Shark Farmer, he's not just your average Illinois grain farmer. He’s a disruptor who is unwavering in his ability to directly address challenging topics that face the agricultural industry. He was easy to talk to and knew just enough about the culinary industry that we were able to talk "shop". It was a great conversation. He and Emily shared some of their fondest culinary memories dining in what was once one of our nation's most iconic restaurants, the late K-Pauls Louisiana Kitchen (New Orleans, LA).

In his podcasts, Rob tackles life, alongside his high school sweetheart, Emily. Our interview was engaging, educational and full of some hilarious moments including setting up a kitchen suite inside a new John Deere tractor to the challenges of cooking with spam and jelly beans! Yes y'all, we covered it all! We chatted about my background as a culinary professional, the relationship between farmers and ranchers and getting them more closely connected to the consumer. It was fun mixed with serious and a wonderful experience spending the time with them!
Rob Sharkey Emily Sharkey The Shark Farmer

Beyond my interview episode, Rob's provocative style parallels a story-based structure, which resonates with thousands of weekly, global listeners. So where can you find him? 

Jump on his website, The Shark Farmer and browse his programming! It includes the "What the Farm Podcast", "The Shark Farmer Podcast" and more. He's also the co-host and co-founder of the Farm and Rural Ag Network. Rob is definitely changing new media for the Ag industry! This year, Rob took his no-nonsense antics from the field to the SiriusXM waves as he joins Rural Radio, Channel 147 where this podcast aired on the Weekend Edition!

To find the episode and listen now, click this link, EPISODE: Jill the Range Riding Chef, click here Enjoy!

You can find The Shark Farmer on Facebook and on Instagram @sharkeyfarms

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