Super Cooper SportsBites™

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If horses could talk, they'd tell you these are purely the finest tasting horse treats to cross their sweet lips. You see Super Cooper, {the ranchy, sporty, quarter motor}, belongs to Jill Bosich, a professional chef and cowgirl, who created SportsBites™ that not only rewards for a job well done, but one that tastes amazing with incredible texture and is loaded with ingredients for balanced athletic performance and overall well-being.

Where these SportsBites™ are good enough for humans to eat, they are designed to meet outstanding nutritional needs of all equine creatures, in all disciplines and baked with flavors horses adore.  Beyond great taste, SportsBites™ are packed with functional ingredients such as cold-pressed camelina oil and black oil sunflower seeds, delivering a mega punch of Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids for joint and internal wellness. They feature pink Himalayan salt which promotes electrolyte balance and encourages hydration.

Super Cooper's SportsBites™ are simply the most delicious, natural, well-crafted performance horse treat available.