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Meet Bob. Now meet his favorite (and rightfully so) type of cookie, that’s pretty much as simple as it gets, and just about as delicious too. Truly speaking, when you bring just the right amount of butter, flour, (more butter), sugars, vanilla, (did we say butter?), spices and sea salt together, the result just makes Bob very, very happy. (And a happy Bob is a very good thing for those of you who know him!)

Make someone in your life (or yourself for that matter), that happy too, by keeping a tin of these buttery beauties close by. Truly speaking, they are really that outstanding.

And by the way, Bob is Nancy’s Hubby and Jill’s Dad. He’s always just loved this type of cookie, the kind that’s really understated in looks and composition, but really stealth in its delivery of taste and huge, “I gotta have another one” yum-factor.

So now you know who Bob is, and why we offer this cookie in his honor. Basically, Bob’s just got great taste.