The Range Rider - Culinary Competition Collaboration Group

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Join this exclusive and "PRIVATE" Facebook group designed for culinary professionals who subscribe to this dynamic service and engaging group. You'll be surrounded by like-minded professional individuals to bounce ideas, get critical feedback and collaborate on high-level success in culinary competition and various challenges within industry at large.

FILL THE FORM OUT BELOW and Jill will be in touch! (Scroll down)

Jill will participate regularly and jump in to give feedback, competitive insight, and inspire you to achieve your personal best. She looks forward to your participation!

This subscription service is $9.95 to join and will be billed monthly as a subscription service at $9.95/month, at the first of each month, regardless of when you joined. As long as you are subscribing, you'll have full access to the group and special discounts offered here on this website

You may cancel at anytime with written notice 10-business days prior to the next billing cycle. At this time you will be removed from the group. Simply send an email to to cancel and confirmation will be sent to you within 7-business days.