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In the mining camps of the old West, a pennyweighter was the one “lifted” very small quantities of gold (from the miners who sluiced tirelessly in an effort to strike it rich), taking ever so small amounts so as not to be named as a gold-rustlin’ thief.

At the Cowgirl Cookie Co. where don’t condone stealing another man’s (or woman’s) gold, we do pardon getting your hand caught in the cookie jar every so once and a while, and if there were ever a cookie to get caught doing it, this one is most certainly it.

This Collection just wouldn’t be complete without the outdoor essence of a fire-kissed smore and well, we’ve captured it, and shot it to the moon like T.N.T. clearing out a mineshaft. It’s sweet homemade caramel baked into a layer of graham cookies, smeared with semi-sweet chocolate and finished with velvety marshmallows and California black walnuts.