Big House Bundt {cake}™

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Well for those of you familiar with western terminology, ya’ll know it’s always a good thing to be found in the “Big House” as that’s where you’ll get some good eatin’ and even better company. You see, in our Big House, that’s where we hide out on weekends, cooking for others, and sharing our favorite recipes around the table with some strong cowboy coffee and Johnny Cash playing in the background.

So on to the cake. It’s really, really… really good. Nancy’s made this recipe for over 40 years now and if you like a delicious yellow cake, rich with vanilla, butter, cane sugar and eggs, then imagine that, covered and baked with black walnuts, a mother lode of chocolate chips, and cocoa sugar, not to mention the layer of fudgy chocolate baked right in the center like a fault line running down the middle of California.

This cake will comfortably serve 10-12 folks but if your guests are like ours, they go for seconds and that doesn’t leave much for others. So plan accordingly and enjoy. Yes we know it’s not a cookie, and we are all about cookies but this is one of those recipes that stands out as being worthy of sharing, from our Big House, to yours...