The Nutty Cowgirl™

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Well, if you’re the type who appreciates another layer of flavor on top of something already delicious then order this beauty of a cookie… Nut lovers unite! We understand those of you who feel a good chocolate chip cookie is just really incomplete without them (nuts), we applaud you and your taste buds and offer this version of the Cowgirl Chip™ for you.

The walnuts were raised in sunny California and dove with reckless abandon, head first onto these cookies, all in the name of real taste, huge flavor and even better texture.

This is our signature Cowgirl Chip™ cookie baked with giant walnut halves on top. They aren’t mixed into the dough because we want you to see them. We always indulge with our eyes first and want you to experience these cookies with all your senses engaged. Give these sweeties a go, and remember… Try not to eat too many at one sitting.