PB FuzzTails™

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In the Wild West, wild horses are known as fuzztails so here at the Cowgirl Cookie Co.™ we got a little wild too in our quest for the best peanut butter cookie ever. The first cookie Nancy ever made as a child was this peanut butter cookie recipe and Jill’s brother Steve use to make a version of these when they were kids, so with that as our foundation, we developed this recipe that goes well beyond the typical fork-finished version.

So like the wild horses, this cookie’s got wild edges… We roll each one in a coating of sweet cane sugar before baking and the result is just simply delicious. It’s the combination of creamy peanut butter (no nuts), mixed with vanilla, and high-quality sea salt among other ingredients that just explodes with flavor. So give this cookie a go if you’re the type who appreciates an outstanding peanut butter cookie. We love them and think you will too.