Molasses Flats™

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Customers tell us these are simply some of the best tasting cookies ever to cross their sweet lips. Well that’s just flat music to our ears and we agree. Nancy has been making these cookies for years upon years and if you’re not sure about a cookie like this, well we suggest you be brave and give it a go.

Our Molasses Flats™ are all about nostalgic flavor. It’s a cookie with very deep, sweet, sultry, and spiced flavors combined together all at the same time. The best part is the crinkly, chewy, and dense bite that gives each cookie its remarkable texture. They are finished with just the right amount of cane sugar on the outside and then baked to perfection.

You just don’t find cookies like this available often and we love that, as it gives you a chance to try ours. There’s something to be said for flavors such as those captured in a cookie like this. It reminds us of simple times, simple pleasures and we fancy that from time to time. We think you will too.