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Such a provocative headline to pen but the truth of the matter is, I was born to achieve. We all were. We have an inherent embedded desire to grow and achieve, whether in the personal or professional sides of my life. Now speaking specifically professional, it's not my own success I'm so much consumed with, it's in helping others succeed and achieve their personal and professional best.

We're often told to "work hard". But what does that mean? Even a brick layer has a method to laying down bricks for an optimal result, but sure, it's still hard work. Well, it would be even harder without the skills needed for the task as well as some good experience that makes the job not as hard as it's already going to be.

As a culinary professional, chef, foodie, competitor, whatever hat you want me to wear, I've had a tremendous amount of success in my career. Frankly, it is hard work and I have "worked hard" to gain a level of success that's allowed me to enjoy the experience tremendously. I've had a good handful of mentors who supported and guided me. It's not without help, I assure you.

So now, I'm doing the same. I'm addicted to seeing others flourish. Whether it's entering a culinary competition, or competing for a job, or growing your skills, I endeavor to use the skills I have now to help the next generation of culinary professionals get ahead much faster than it ever took me. Even though I had so many great mentors, I still got so frustrated why so many were so short on advice and support. Yes the road is hard but there's no need for keeping the "secrets to success" a secret. Y'all, I want to scream it from the mountain tops.

So here I am. I'm making myself available through an invitation to partner with me, to collaborate, and to surround yourself with a mentor and guide who will invest in you the time to develop you quickly. Turn decades of knowledge into days with me. I'll coach you like I've coached, taught, and trained thousands of others who've achieved tremendous success by working together. It doesn't have to result in a gold medal, or that new job. Sure, there's always huge goals, but my goal is to build your confidence. Confidence is one of the greatest "secrets to success" and I'm addicted to showing others how to use it as a skill to succeed.

Well, that's just a quick thought for now, and the "why" behind why I'm here. I'll be blogging from here on out and bringing to you, sources of great information, tips, tricks, and insight into helping you with your growth and development. I look forward to staying in touch with you!


(PS: You're invited to *LIKE* and *SHARE* my Facebook Page for Competitive Coaching, The Range Rider - Competitive Coaching! You'll find it here: https://bit.ly/2Hoxbto (just copy and paste that link into your browser)

Be sure too to join my Competition Collaboration Group, (it's just starting!) Once I approve you to join, you'll get 1-month FREE access. The group is pinned to the top of the FB Competitive Coaching page. This group is for ACTIVE competitors only looking to gain daily access to me and other professionals to grow and learn! This doesn't mean you're just competing in culinary competitions, it means you wish to connect with other professionals who want to also remain competitive in their field and grow. Hope to see you there!)

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